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SHINEE!!!! [& some clips] xD

hi everyone! i know i dont post a lot but oh well ^w^

im assuming we all know about SHINEE right?? well if youre looking for the mini album you can download it here ~ SHINEE mini album ^-^

here are some interesting things[well i find them interesting] i found on youtube as well and you can check them out if you like:

Star King:
Charice Pempengco & Kyuhyun [duet]

Charice Pempengco [2nd visit]

Beethoven/Mozart 5-year old girl

Let's Haptic!
Haptic Scandal
Haptic Battle

                                                                         i hope you all enjoy! ^-^v
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=_=lll  meh... i dun likes school.. haves 3 tests tomorrow[gym,science,math]... soo not fun T^T SAVE ME~!!!

hm.. saachi thinks i shud write a fic about 2 suju dudes blackmailing sumone....... i dont think i should because 1: i suck at writing   2: it is gona have a horrible beginning or ending  3: ive tried short stories before and i dont end them properly  4: im lazy  5: ... i think my ideas suck.
YEY!! suju M xD i dont understand why so many people dont like henry... anyways sujuM/super junior hwaiting~!!

                                                                                                                     ~ Naachi >=3
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>=3 as saachi said yes ive only been using this account for reading stuff ^-^0 but i have nothing to write about, all credits go to saachi [applause] very genius =D ill try to post some randomness then... since its spreak XD  and about the coffee&bunnies one... CONGRATS SAACHI!!! YOU MADE IT EVEN BETTER XDD NOW WRITE MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >=D HWAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIITTTTING~~~!!!!!!!!!!!
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